Natural water "Горноводный Источник" contains (is saturated with) natural minerals such as:

«Горноводный Источник» - 100% natural, pure eco-friendly mineral water.

Artesian mineral water Gornovodny Istochnik is extracted in the area at the foothills of Sikhote-Alin, in the environmentally pristine wildlife sanctuary of Primorsky Krai. High quality of this mineral water is confirmed by numerous awards: diplomas and medals of product contests.

HCO3 (bicarbonates) facilitates protein and carbohydrate metabolism, favorably affects the body during the increased muscle work.

Ca2+(calcium) has a favorable effect on teeth enamel and bones.

Mg2+ (magnesium) has a favorable effect on heart and vascular system. Improves nervous system functioning. Anti-stress mineral, relieves stomach upsets. Prevents from gallstones formation.

Na+ + K+ (sodium and potassium) normalizes water balance, nourishes the brain, regulates heart muscle work, normalizes blood pressure.

Mn (manganese) is one of the essential elements to support bone and skin tissues, takes part in the cartilage formation, controls blood’s sugar.

Li (lithium) prevents from sclerosis, heart diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Sr (strontium) protects bone tissues and increases their mineral density.

Reasons why you should use Gornovodny Istochnik water:

For weight control.

To improve digestion.

To cook healthy and tasty food, make beverages.

To wash fruit and vegetables (washes off toxic substances and pesticides).

For cosmetic purposes.